Nature & Cultural Experience

We invite you to the beautiful village of Sirigu in the Upper East Region. This village is known throughout Ghanaian history for its pottery, basket weaving and unique symbolic traditional wall decoration. You will also have the opportunity to pay a courtesy call on a traditional chief and his elders. After an official welcome, embark on a tour of the traditionally design and decorated homes (painted houses). Here you will see various designs of crafts with their intrinsic meanings. Participate in do-it-yourself sessions with the indigenous wall decorators and learn the unique wall painting skills of the Frafra people.

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Northern Safari (Eco Adventure)
This exciting Northern Safari is a perfect tour for the adventurous animal lover. Journey through the savannah zone to Mole National Park where you will go on a walking safari to view elephants, antelopes, waterbucks, baboons, monkeys and many more of West Africa’s game. Here you will see elephants up close and personal. Visit the nearby village of Larabanga which is home to the oldest mosque in Ghana. It is the only structure in the country with Sudanic architecture. At the outskirts of the village is the mystery Larabanga Stone. It is believed that whenever this stone is removed from its original and current location, it always returns back to the site.
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The Ghana Cultural Tour
The Ghana Cultural Tour is designed to allow interested participants an experience of the traditions and some aspect of the Ghanaian culture. The tour also referred to as the circular Akan takes you through the Akan speaking communities and traditional areas. You will have an opportunity to sample some local Ghanaian cuisine as you dine with a traditional local family. You will also have an opportunity to pay a courtesy call on a paramount chief and elders amidst traditional drumming and dancing. Participate in a naming ceremony where you will be given traditional name to reclaim your African identity!
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Tropical Adventure
If you want to get away from it all, Ghana’s Tropical Adventure Tour is just what you need. Combining relaxation by unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic Ocean with activities that add excitement to your holiday, you will return home completely rejuvenated. Enjoy a cruise on the Lake Volta, the largest man made lake in the world. The cruise presents you with a splendid opportunity to view the scenic and striking landscape of the undulating Akwapim-Togo mountain range as you dance to the sounds of Ghanaian highlife music. “Relaxation” is the keynote for this tour and your time at Busua Beach will provide you with the perfect location to unwind. This is your time to absorb the beautiful, natural surroundings and to distress. Time to savor the moment…..
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Cultural Immersion (Home Stay)
An incredible experience of your life time! Cultural immersion offers you an opportunity to connect with the traditions and culture of a local family. On this tour you will reside in the homes of a local family and take part in their daily activities. A typical activity includes farming, market experience, traditional baby sitting, and local food preparations among others. Experience some of the social events such as traditional funerals, festivals and naming ceremonies
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Volta Eco Adventure
The Volta Eco Adventure explores some of the natural reserves in Ghana. This includes conquering the heights of Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in West Africa; viewing the verdant terrain below or swimming in the sparkling stream and viewing the breathtaking Wli Waterfall cascading from above, Ghana has got the eco bite! Your Eco Volta tour will take you to Kakum National Park, the most noted rainforest in West Africa. This walkway is one of only five of its kind in the world. The park is a prime location to view birds such as the African hornbill. You will also visit Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Akwapim mountains and at Shai Hills, view West Africa’s savannah animals; antelopes, bushbucks, kobs, baboons and monkeys.
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Family or Alumni Reunion

A time to re unite and re connect with nuclear and extended family….Make the most of your vacation - perfect for Reunion….This exciting tour presents an opportunity to strike the perfect balance of excitement, relaxation and education for your friends, family or alumni groups. Enjoy a traditional cultural performance on arrival as you embark on this memorable pilgrimage. You will also have the opportunity to pay a courtesy call on a paramount chief and elders amidst traditional drumming and dancing. Participate in a naming ceremony where you will be given traditional name to reclaim your African identity! The group or family will be presented with a traditional totem!
Enjoy the luxury of naturalist guides and a crew totally focused on the needs and special interests of each participant as you enjoy a reunion vacation

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Best Value
This is a tour for the economical travelers; this tour presents the desire for a change of scenery, along with a taste of Ghanaian cuisine and hospitality. During this tour you will visit one of the infamous Slave Castles in Ghana, You will also have fun trying your feet at the 100 km treetop canopy walkway in Kakum National Park. This tour gives you the desired opportunity of lounging at the untouched beaches of West Africa or by your hotel poolside.
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Day Tours / Excursion
Coming to Ghana for business with little time to see the country? Here is an opportunity to tour whiles doing business. Take advantage of our day tours or excursion to witness the country’s renowned tour sights. Day tours include, Kakum National Park, Castles and Slave Dungeons, Wli Waterfalls, Aburi Botanical Gardens among others.